Vitamin C Powder


Wild C contains vitamin C naturally occurring in it's WHOLE state, with its necessary co-factors like bioflavonoids, and other vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. It's non-toxic, even in large doses and does not cause nutrient imbalances.

All the ingredients in Wild C are high in natural vitamin C content. Each serving size of 1 teaspoon or 3g contains 312mg of totally natural vitamin C which is approximately 5 times the recommended daily intake (RDI). Studies show that consuming 37mg of natural vitamin C is the equivalent of consuming 1000mg of isolated vitamin C. That means 1 serve of Wild C will be the equivalent of consuming over 600mg of isolated vitamin C.

Vitamin C Blend 2.67g: Goji Berry, Acerola Cherry, Rosehips, Pure Camu Camu, Gubinge (Kakadu Plum)
Antioxidant Blend 0.3g: Acai Berry, Maqui Berry
Alkalising pH Buffer Blend 0.03g: Coriander Leaf, Parsley Leaf

Each teaspoon (3g) of Wild C provides 312mg of 5x the RDI of naturally occurring, truly natural, bioavailable, non-toxic, non-isolated vitamin C.