About Us

Ornabellas is a unique boutique situated in Clermont, Central Queensland. It features a blend of the latest women’s fashions along with health and wellness products, making it a one stop shop for the whole family!

The business has been a ladies fashion store for over 12 years, so when Brooke and Clinton purchased the store in January 2018 they had a vision to add something extra to the store. Brooke felt the town of Clermont was lacking in any natural and organic foods, along with personal care and reusable goods so it was only fitting that this be the addition Ornabellas needed!

Whilst the two stores sound like a mixed bag of goods, they go hand in hand to offer the locals and surrounding areas many essential products.

Ornabellas is run by a handful of staff, but they say good things come in small packages! We always make our customers shopping experience a memorable one, by providing great service and making our customers the number one priority.

While located in outback Queensland we still offer big city fashion and wellness trends, so you never miss out! Have a browse around on the site or if you’re walking by the store feel free to pop in and say hi, we love seeing and hearing from our customers!