Pelvi Medi Balls


This Pelvi MEDIballs Secret - Pelvic Floor Training Ball - Single is a manual device used to provide Kegel exercise (alternate contraction and relaxation of perineal muscles) to treat urinary stress incontinence, sexual dysfunction, or to tone the pelvic floor muscles.

This pelvic-floor weight device is designed especially for women and can also be used to prevent and treat urge and stress incontinence and light bladder leakage, as well as facilitate therapeutic training of the pelvic floor following pregnancy, and increase awareness of your pelvic-floor muscles.

Designed in Germany and made from mucous-membrane friendly and hypoallergenic 100% Silikomed®, this internally located weighted ball is triggered into random movements by the body, which gently weight trains the pelvic muscles. Discreet and designed for comfort, MEDIballs Secret's special feature is its patented retrievable loop, which sits just up inside the body.