RAWW Sleeping Beauty Aromatherapy Kit

The ultimate treat, for a good night’s sleep. Create a peaceful and dreamy atmosphere with this pure essential oil blend + USB diffuser duo. The Beauty Sleep Bestie Pure Essential Oil Blend is not just your average Lavender oil and contains our unique combination of Lavender, Cedarwood, Marjoram, Orange, Valerian and Chamomile pure essential oils to calm the mind and unwind the body in preparation for a SUPER GOOD night’s sleep.

Ideal for use beside your bed or in another self-care space, our tiny but mighty Ultrasonic USB diffuser has a NEW look and is the perfect partner for our Beauty Sleep Bestie Pure Essential Oil Blend.

Sleeping Beauty Aromatherapy Kit Includes:
+ Aromatherapy USB Lavender Moon 
+ Beauty Sleep Bestie Aromatherapy Blend